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If you are interested in becoming a member of

the Fly Creek Fire Company contact

Fire Chief Mike Thayer at 434-6077

or any officer for more information and fill out an application.

This is chimney fire season. Be sure your chimney is clean and you are burning dry wood.

Our friend and 50 year member of the Fly Creek Fire Company Auxiliary, Bea Bachanas, passed away November 6, 2014

December 14th Poinsettia delivery to area residents 1PM at the fire hall

volunteers needed


If you are interested in joining the

Fly Creek Fire Company

Click the link below for an application.

Return your completed application

to any fire company officer.


Need a house number?

E911 Highly Reflective House Numbers

If we can't find you, we can't help you!


In an emergency every second counts!

Contact us at 607 435-0084 to order your

E911 highly reflective house number sign.

Each sign costs $15 or make a donation of $50 to the Fly Creek Fire Comapny

and we will make your sign free!

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